you'll want a second.

I don't know why, but I always feel obligated to write something on these posts. 

Like, how many times can I say I am weird before it becomes weird how many times i've said it? Wait... does that makes sense? 

But for this post, I want to leave you with a question (or a few - I have a feeling after I write this sentence, I will think of more questions).

What is your favourite dessert?

Mine is a tie between homemade apple/blueberry/cherry pie and glazed donuts (yes, I cheated with the pies. I couldn't choose between and I love them all, so I had to include each kind).

Also (see! another question has formed, haha!), does anyone else think to themselves 'after you have one dessertyou'll want a second' when they are spelling dessert? No? It's just me? Okay. Haha!


Outfit: Bottoms - American Eagle + Top - Garage Clothing

will you remember me?

I go through really weird funks where I just look in the mirror and make the "gross, what's that smell"** face at my own reflection. I point out all of my flaws - crooked nose, pimples, acne scarring, uneven skin tone... the list goes on, people!

But recently (like yesterday), I had a few thoughts come to mind: Are people actually looking at my "flaws"? Is that how people will remember me?

I want to be remembered for my sense of humour - for my terrible jokes and ability to lift spirits. I want to be the ‘positive paddy’ in the room, whipping out my sarcastic jokes accompanied by a weird scrunched face or silly voice to make the joke actually funny - I really feel my facial expressions and weird voices are the gateway to my comedy career. 

Those are the things that people are going to remember me by. Not my appearance (well, maybe the short and blonde things). 

I know this is a somewhat “morbid”(?) topic to talk about but it was an eye-opener for me. It reminded me of who I want to be as a person now, today. If you take anything from the rambling above, please let it be that people love you for you, not who see in the mirror (and make a stinky face at).

Finally, with these thoughts going through my mind, I found it time to have a mini photoshoot where I wear cute things and have a public dance party! That always makes me feel more confident and brings me back to loving who I am - you should give it a try! 


**I know that 'smell' has nothing to do with my reflection but I feel it gives you a better visualization of the face that I make.

happy mother's day.

I am so incredibly blessed to have two of the strongest and loving women in my life: my mom, Rebecca, and my mother-in-law, Carolyn. 

My mom is a one hard chick - like seriously, have you ever met a 'Rebecca' that didn't have some sort of an attitude? I didn't think so. She had her own dreams but when she had her first child, her dreams changed. She felt that she was meant to be a homemaker, and she was a great one! Growing up, it felt weird having a mom that didn't work - everyone's mother's had careers and here was my mom, the homemaker. As I grew, I learned to appreciate that! Being a stay at home mom with 3 annoying as heck children that bickered a lot (so sorry, mom!), and keeping on top of everything at home, it's a job and a half! I am so lucky to have had a mom that was there for everything! She was there for it all - for my brother's, for me, for my dad, for my friends, for my extended family, for strangers. Like, there is not one person she is not there for. No matter what you have done or what you are going through, she is always there. And for that, I am forever grateful and I try my best to be "my mom" for those in my life.

My mother-in-law, Carolyn, is like the polar opposite of my mom, but also similar. She worked her butt off working as a nurse while doing online school while caring for 3 children! Like, what?! If that doesn't sound like Superwoman, I don't know what does!! Along with her superpowers, she is the most selfless person I know. She is always caring for others, sending gifts "just because", praying for all who need, and always tries to see the bright side in all situations. I admire her love for God and how strongly she trusts in Him and His plans for us.  She is truly a woman that all girls (and boys) should look-up to. She is such a beautiful soul that just radiates love! (She also gave me the greatest gift of all, my incredible husband, Mark!)

If you didn't get it from above, I really love these women. I am SO thankful that they are my role models, my encouragers to keep striving for my dreams, and my MOM's! 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom and Carolyn! I love you both so much and I hope that you have the greatest day!

And Happy Mother's Day to every mom, mom-to-be, pet-mom, mom's who have lost, and mom's in Heaven! You are all AMAZING!

for the love of mom.

Mother's Day is tomorrow, and I wanted to thank all of the amazing, caring, strong, funny, incredible, hard-working mama's that I get to call my sister-in-law, my best friend, and those who I have met through my photography career so far!

Each and every one of you amaze me! You have created life! How incredible is that?! You are all such a blessing to your little ones, to your partners, your parents, your nieces and nephews, and your friends. 

I know that when it is finally my time to become a mother, I will have so many women to look up to, to go to for guidance, and to help me when I feel like I can't do it. 

Thank you for being the everyday hero! <3

PS. Annie, we will get A LOT of photos of you and Alexander this Summer, haha! Love you!

beach weatha'.

Probably my favourite part about living in the Bay of Quinte area is having beaches, like Sandbanks in Prince Edward County, just a little drive away! It is not the Atlantic, but it helps to fill that void of missing the ocean and my home province a little bit.

Elexis and I share the non-traditional work schedule and hit the beach late on a Wednesday morning. With our pups excited to be able to enjoy some water time (Reeses is a water fiend!), snacks at the ready (which got covered in sand by an excited Reeses, haha!), and the sun in our eyes, we enjoyed a quiet a beach day. 

If you get the chance to visit Sandbanks Provincial Park or even just take a drive through, do it! 

Question: Are you a beach person, a woods person or a city person?

Presqu'ile Prov. Park - Brighton, ON.

I love having a friend who A. has an odd schedule like me, and B. is always up for a weekday adventure. Elexis is that person who gets me and my pups out of the house and to places we don't normally get to!

A couple of weeks ago, we ended up in the first Provincial Park that Mark and I went to when we first moved to the area almost 2 years ago - Presqu'ile Provincial Park! Nestled in the cutest little town of Brighton, Ontario, this park is a stunner and has so much to offer that I have only seen a small portion of it. It's a great escape for an afternoon to just walk around, hit the beach, and check out a lighthouse (they are an obsession of mine!).

There is definitely a lot more that you can do - but you will have to go find out for yourself!

Have you been to Presqu'ile? If so, what did you do there? Also, what is your favourite Provincial or State Park (or any Park in the World)? I am really curious!

seeing double.

There are currently 5 days of April remaining but I never want it to end! I have loved this month SO much! But, before it leaves us for another year, I wanted to share the rest of the photos and the other two outfits from mine and Elexis's "friendship shoot"!

Still, this is my favourite thing that happened this entire month and I am looking forward to doing more (maybe even some for other people?!? - Hi, I take photos!). It was such a fun and hilarious experience - and a pretty exhausting one to photograph myself (but totally worth it!). I felt like I was back in middle school with one of my best friends, acting goofy and trying to match. Those were the days!

Shoot me a message if you are wanting a friendship shoot of your own -  I am looking at you 2018 grads!

Tank tops and Mom jeans: American Eagle.

Floral Jumpsuit: American Eagle (are you noticing a trend?)

frink center - belleville, ontario.

Earth Day is one of my favourite days because, I mean, I love this Earth! Who doesn't?! 

This Earth Day was a spectacular one with loads of sun, a bit of heat, and one of my best gals and fellow blogger, Jenn (writer and creator of Posted Discoveries - you NEED to check it out!)! She got me out to a spot that is quite close to me but one that I have not yet been to, the Frink Center. The ground is still muddy, and the ice is slowly melting causing for some messy trekking, but it made for a great adventure.

This spot is perfect for the avid bird watcher - or maybe you are like me and you find birds to be quite entertaining. It's also a beautiful spot for photos, to relax, and spend a sunny afternoon with friends (human and furry)!

I am so lucky to have adventurous friends who get out more than me, haha! Make sure to check out Jenn's blog to learn more about other local destinations and the many cool spots that she has been all over! 

mornings downtown.

I didn't think that I could love downtown Belleville more than I already did, but I was proven wrong. 

I have spent a lot of time down there lately - and loving every minute of it. The other morning, I woke up at 6:15am (not by choice), and saw that the sun was making an appearance - finally! - so, for some reason, my head told me to head downtown. And I am so happy that I did!

I saw a whole new side of downtown. Probably a side that not many have experienced. The streets were quiet, the birds were chirping, and the sun laid this blanket of warmth along brick walls that line the street. It was a site that residents and visitors need to see! 

So, if you are in the area - or even in your own town - and you find yourself up at the buttcrack of dawn, then head downtown and take in the piece and quiet of a spot that is normally filled with the hustle and bustle of people on a mission.

bloomfield beauty co.

I have never been one to go to a spa. It is something that comes to my mind every once in a while, but I never go - that is, until I heard about Bloomfield Beauty Co.

This perfect little spot is in my favourite little town, Bloomfield, in Prince Edward County. They only just opened this January and have been killing it, to say the least! Once I discovered their Instagram, I HAD to go - and my birthday was the perfect excuse to try them out! 

The photos that I have seen are beautiful, but this is really a place that exceeds the already high expectations you will have once you walk through the doors. It's crisp, it's clean, it's organized, and the interior design choices are just checking all of the boxes. It's just so dreamy!

I started out small with just getting my nails done. I wanted to get a feel for the place and see what else they have to offer. But let me tell you, they go all out for your nails. Now, maybe it is because I don't really get mine done too often, but I have gone to a nail salon, and never have I had the amazing treatment that I had at Bloomfield Beauty Co.! My esthetician was so kind, friendly, funny, and answered every question I had - sorry for all the questions, Brittany!! 

So, if you are looking for an afternoon of pampering, relaxation, and good conversation, you need to get to Bloomfield Beauty Co.!