without water wings

as i slowly prepare for the new year, i find myself getting a little anxious as each day passes.

i don’t know about you, but i have some big-ish plans for myself in this new year/ new chapter. it’s not so much a “fresh start” for me this year as it would normally be, but it is a “kicking into high gear” year! i am ready to push beyond where i am in my life - career, fitness, friendships, and education wise - and create a better and more rewarding path for myself and my family.

but let’s start with education/ career - one thing at time!

as most of you may not know (because i never share it) i do not have a university degree or college diploma. yes, i am 27 year old without a degree. honestly, i am little embarrassed to even share that, but whatever! i am an adult.. right? haha!

i digress..

i have attended to three universities - acadia university, st. thomas university, and brandon university - and all were wonderful and had their pros and cons. for my situation, i felt unprepared and rushed into post-secondary education without a real idea of what i wanted to accomplish. i switched degrees a handful of times, but never truly felt like i found my “calling”. i am still unsure of what my calling(s) is/are but 2019 is the year i plan to do a ton of research, look into schools and programs, and “jump in the pool without water-wings”!… i may have made that up, but hopefully you get the point, haha! i have many ideas of what i would possibly love to do, which can be an issue, but i am hoping i can really narrow it down and get started on a structured path to (some) success!

with all of that being said, i would love to know any of the following:

what you do for work? what you did in school? if you went to university or college? and/ or if you could go back in time, would you pick the same program?

i always love learning what people do for a living and how they got there!

Outfit: top and pants from american eagle, booties from ardene.