If there is one place in this "city" - more like large town, and that's coming from someone from a small-ish town! - that I LOVE, it's downtown!! I don't believe that this part of the city gets enough credit - just look at it! So much charm, beautiful light, stunning brick buildings, and perfectly located next to the river. You just can't beat this place - and this is only Front Street!

This street alone is full of fantastic local businesses (Capers, Pure Honey Boutique, and Boretski Gallery just to name a few) and the amount of work that the city has put in to give downtown a "facelift" is definitely showing. I am looking forward to the finished product and to watch this downtown scene grow with more local businesses!

Keep an eye out for more posts about downtown Belleville and some of it's local businesses! My next post is all about my newly found FAVOURITE boutique (yes, the one I mentioned above) that everyone needs to visit, shop at and experience for themselves!

AND if you are in or near the area and want to collaborate or you just want to go take some photos, let me know! This area is full of incredible talent and I want to meet you all! :)