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Ever since I declared my love for a pink coat, I have been on the hunt for more pieces that bring me joy. H&M is filled with infinite pieces that made me feel warm and fuzzy and this colour block sweater is one of them. It's simple - like me - but it has the pop of colour that I for some reason tend to avoid/ overlook. It's cute, comfy, soft as all heck, and very warm! Perfect for shooting on a -10 degree (celcius) afternoon.

As I have mentioned before, I am not a fashion connoisseur. I am not caught up with the trends but it is really not my intent to be. I want to share my style with you all because why not?! I have only two fashion posts but they are my favourite posts to create! It is so much fun to go out, search for a piece or two and get creative with them - how do they fit into my style? what can I add to make this me? where should I shoot the photos? what shoes should I wear? hair - curly or straight? (literally the only hairstyles that I can accomplish, haha!). I have just discovered a new side of myself, and I kind of like her!

Don't get me wrong, photographing people is still my favourite thing to do, like ever! I LOVE nothing more than capturing people's love and laughter in a photo.  But I am excited to be doing these posts, to get my creative juices flowing, to expand my blog and brand (I am still trying to figure out what my brand is..), and share another side of me with all of you!

And I really appreciate all of the lovely comments on my last (first) fashion post! You are all so lovely and kind! Leave a comment letting me know your favourite fashion blogger (maybe it's you!) because I want check them all out!

PS. The jeans that I am wearing are the MOST comfortable pants ever and they are from American Eagle - you need these jeans, my friend!