nothin' but blue skies.

Spring is coming, friends! I can feel it.

Starting to get into that "Spring cleaning mode" where all I want to do is get rid of things and replace those things with new things. Is that just me? I love Spring because it is like hitting the 'refresh' button on your life. The 'new year, new me' thing is great and all, but Spring is really when I feel like I can become the "new me". 

Spring is when you get to shed off all of those layers (literally) and leave the house without regretting it. Sure, things look a little gross, but that is how everything looks at first before we become who are meant to be. And what wouldn't look a little worn out after 4-5 months of Winter?!

This Spring, I am starting my spring-cleaning with my wardrobe. I want to feel fresh and ready to conquer what comes my way. And I don't know about you, but when I feel good in my clothes, I feel good all-around. 

Where are you starting your Spring cleaning and why? I'm curious! :)