I love Sundays.

Maybe it is just me, but no matter what it looks like outside on a Sunday morning, it always just feels like it's sunny. Does that make sense? Sundays just feel sunny to me, haha! Gosh, I am so confusing and weird. I apologize.

On a Sunday, I feel like I can accomplish it all. Every chore, every errand, every rep at the gym - I am ready to rock it out on Sundays! But then there are some Sundays where I just want to stay in my sweats, lounge around with my pups, cat, and husband, and watch documentaries or docuseries the entire day with very little movement planned (we like real life without actually facing real life sometimes). 

Some people see Sunday's as the end of the week or end of the weekend, but I see them as them as a 'refresh button'. Sunday is when you can get your house tidy, plan your week and meals (something we are getting into), pick up that book you have been itching to dive into, or just take it as a day of rest before the busy week to come.

What is your favourite day of the week?


The Look:

Sweater: H&M | Pants: American Eagle (duh!) Black Slash | Booties: I can't recall.