flower power.

Easter weekend, and Spring really, started off with a drive out to my favourite spot in the Bay of Quinte - Dahlia May Flower Farm

I have always been a flower lover - I think it has something to do with my mom being the absolute worst at keeping plants alive, so when she would get flowers for Mother's Day or her birthday or anniversaries, I - or my dad - would be the one to care for them. Caring for her flowers gave me purpose, something I am always striving to find - what is my purpose?...

I digress...

I have been going to this little farm stand for over a year and every time I visit brings me so much joy - I am like a kid in a candy store when I am there. I just love it! And this visit was no exception! Melanie and her team really went above and beyond for the open house. The planters they created were something else, the bouquet options were phenomenal - as always - , and the people working this open house were amazing! On top of all that, they had The Bakery there - a  family owned business in Warkworth, Ontario (see photo of Jenn enjoying her delicious homemade marshmallow bunny!). It was just a grand ol' time all around!

This little spot on Stockdale Rd. in Trenton is something to see. Melanie and her family and friends have created a little piece of heaven for all to enjoy. So, if you find yourself in the area and looking for a spot to check out and leave with something beautiful, you should definitely check out Dahlia May Flower Farm. I promise, you will leave with a smile so big and heart so full no matter how short or long your visit may be!

Also, if you are wanting to see what else is in the area - and in other areas - you NEED to check out my friend, Jenn's, blog,  Posted Discoveries! She gets out way more than I do and has been to so many hidden gems in and around the area and beyond! 

PS. I got a daffodil plant - which, by the way, I am OBSESSED with the pot or planter or whatever you call it! Just look at how cool it is made of twigs! - and they bloomed Easter morning! You can imagine my excitement when I saw them. They are beautiful!!