See what I did there? No? Okay.

These photos were taken in the BEAUTIFUL city of Kingston (now do you get the title? no? okay.)! 

Mark and I had a day off together on a weekday and thought that it would be the perfect time to hit up Kingston - and it was! The sun was shining, the streets were quiet (for a city) and I was feelin' fancy in my jumpsuit from American Eagle and my $25 coat from H&M. And to top off the outfit, we found the coolest phone booth ever! I have never seen one of these in real life before and never would I have thought there would be one in downtown Kingston. It is such a fun and unique thing to have. You would be surprised at how many people love this type of phone booth - we should really bring them back, even if there is no phone in them, haha! #allabouttheinsta

On a serious note, this outfit rocks! I have never felt more beautiful AND strong in an outfit before. It's just a simple jumpsuit but does it ever compliment the body. I felt like I could run the world - okay, maybe a little overdramatic, but you get it. I felt awesome! And the first thing that Mark said to me was "Wow! You look so tall!". Now, that may sound like something silly to get excited about, but for a 26 year old woman who is pushing 5'1, being told that you look tall is a huge compliment (sidenote: I was wearing booties with a slight heal, and obviously clothes don't make you grow, haha!). 

Jumpsuits are the greatest clothing invention ever! They look amazing on every body type and are an entire outfit in just one piece. They are the "easy peasy lemon squeezy" of the fashion world. And you need one (or 10) in your life! I personally plan on living in them this Spring and Summer and I know just where to get them! 

*Hint: American Eagle ;) 


Roses are Red.

Valentine's is over, but that doesn't mean we need to stop with the pink and floral outfits!

I personally love the "Valentine's style" hence why I got this shirt from H&M (and it was only $20 in-store! Apparently it is $35 online.. hmm..). I normally do not gravitate toward 'bold prints' (is this even that bold?) but something just would not let me leave the store without it - it's called my "oh that's cute" rating system. 

My "oh, that's cute" rating system is when I go around a store and touch pretty much every article of clothing - texture fits into this - and I either say (literally out loud) "oh, that's cute" - or "ouu, that's cuuuute" if I really like something (the "ouu" really changes everything *she said sarcastically but not really because it does*). If I don't like something, I call it "funky", a word that I used a lot growing up to describe my Mother's clothing sense (side note: she is much better at shopping now!). 

Now you know my super lame (and pointless in sharing) way of shopping. Haha! 

In all seriousness though, this shirt is the bomb! My husband actually complimented it which is a very rare thing for him to do, so it's a keeper for sure. I love the bold floral print, the soft pink colour, and the structure/ fit of the shirt. I think this shirt will look good on every body! 

I would love to know what you think of it! And how do you shop? Do you know what you want before you go in? Do you go in blind like me and "feel" around (haha, that sounds weird..)? Are you a try-er or just a buyer? 

Feelin' Girly.

It's not too often that I a) wear a skirt, or b) find one that fits me properly. Well, I found my newest and greatest love (I feel like I will say that about every new piece I get..). I saw this skirt right before I checked out at the TopShop section in Hudson's Bay. Normally, I have a hard time finding pieces that are "me" and within my somewhat stubborn price range at TopShop. But I hit the jackpot this day! 

I saw the skirt, saw it was on sale, looked at the size and went for it (fun fact: I almost NEVER try on clothes before purchasing). And I was lucky enough to also find on this day a beautiful beige peacoat at H&M for only ... wait for it ... $25!! Uh, heck yes! 

This new "journey" into fashion is honestly - sort of embarrassed to say - such a thrill (I really have no life, haha!). I have begun this fascination with walking into clothing stores with no intention of buying anything, and just making outfit ideas for when I am ready to buy the item. Is that weird? I won't wait for your answer. It is weird. 

All in all, I love this skirt from TopShop, this jacket from H&M, just the whole outfit (the black one piece is from Ardene)! It makes me feel beautiful, confident, and very much a woman. I just can't get enough of it!

Sort of an out of my element type of question for you - would any of you be interested in posts on outfits under a certain dollar amount? I used to see other fashion bloggers do them and they are popular on YouTube, so I thought, if people are interested, I would do like one post like that a month?? Let me know! (I may just do it even if no one says, haha!)

you've been blocked.

Ever since I declared my love for a pink coat, I have been on the hunt for more pieces that bring me joy. H&M is filled with infinite pieces that made me feel warm and fuzzy and this colour block sweater is one of them. It's simple - like me - but it has the pop of colour that I for some reason tend to avoid/ overlook. It's cute, comfy, soft as all heck, and very warm! Perfect for shooting on a -10 degree (celcius) afternoon.

As I have mentioned before, I am not a fashion connoisseur. I am not caught up with the trends but it is really not my intent to be. I want to share my style with you all because why not?! I have only two fashion posts but they are my favourite posts to create! It is so much fun to go out, search for a piece or two and get creative with them - how do they fit into my style? what can I add to make this me? where should I shoot the photos? what shoes should I wear? hair - curly or straight? (literally the only hairstyles that I can accomplish, haha!). I have just discovered a new side of myself, and I kind of like her!

Don't get me wrong, photographing people is still my favourite thing to do, like ever! I LOVE nothing more than capturing people's love and laughter in a photo.  But I am excited to be doing these posts, to get my creative juices flowing, to expand my blog and brand (I am still trying to figure out what my brand is..), and share another side of me with all of you!

And I really appreciate all of the lovely comments on my last (first) fashion post! You are all so lovely and kind! Leave a comment letting me know your favourite fashion blogger (maybe it's you!) because I want check them all out!

PS. The jeans that I am wearing are the MOST comfortable pants ever and they are from American Eagle - you need these jeans, my friend!