pure honey.

Yes! Another post about my favourite boutique on the planet!! 

I swear, every time I go into this boutique it feels like the first time! It is always filled with different items and different colour schemes - it always feels fresh! And I just cannot get over that exposed brick! It's stunning. 

Even if you don't have much money, you should pop down to get inspiration and chat with the extremely friendly women that work this shop. You could not ask for a better experience in any store - these women truly love what they do, love what the store has, and love to help you find what will truly flatter your body and personality! I most enjoy that they all get excited about the pieces in the store and have a different positive reaction to each one you hold up. 

Monique and the few other women that work here and really made this spot feel like a 'shopping sanctuary'. That may sound weird but if you have been here, you know what I am saying. They will remember your face and always greet you with the biggest and most sincere smile.

I cannot say enough good things about this place and I hope that if any of you live in or visit the area, that you go to Pure Honey Boutique! 

You can find this little gem at 217 North Front Street, Belleville, ON. 

PS. I was told that there is a big shipment hitting the store sometime soon - so follow them on their  Facebook and Instagram for updates! I can't wait!! :D

Thank you to Monique for allowing me to take these photos (she will never say no), for letting me take a photo of her - even though she was hesitant - and for always being such a kind and wonderful person to everyone!!

i don't know about you, but i'm not 22.

Are you getting sick of my cheesy titles yet?

K, good. Me either.

Today, I am 27. I don't particularly like this number as I am not a fan of the number 2 (it's alright I guess) or 7. But, nonetheless, I am here. 27.


To ring in the new year/ day, I thought that I should dress for the occasion. And with this beauty of a coat/ blazer (crazer?) from my favourite local boutique, Pure Honey. It's the kind of piece that says (to me anyway), "Hi. My name is *insert name*, it's my birthday, and I am ready to act like the adult the my nieces and nephews are told I am. Can you tell I think that I am funny? 

But in all seriousness, I love this piece! It's a great transition piece from not only cold Spring to warm Spring (haha!), but also from 26 to 27. I ready to kick some butt, take some names, sign some papers, photograph some weddings, and be somewhat of a professional!

Happy Birthday to me, two of my cousins, and my girls, Mandy Moore and Daisy Ridley!! - oh, and Steven Seagal, gotta wish that man a happy birthday, too!

And to everyone else born on the 10th of April - happiest of birthdays to you!!


something old is something new.

I have been stepping out of my regular comfort zone and made a new one - one where statement pieces are a must! 

This coat, which I happily took off the hands of @laundryclub on Instagram (or Laura), is amazing! Not only is it the "strangest" piece in my closet - and by strange I mean it stands out from the rest of my plain-jane wardrobe - but it is also the coolest way to vamp up a basic outfit. I am just elated to have it - yes, elated (I have been watching a lot of British shows lately and they use that word a lot)!

What is one way you "vamp" up your outfit? Is it with a jacket? Shoes? Hat? I want to know!


Pure Honey Boutique - Belleville.

Lately, I have been discovering so many beautiful things that bring me joy - and this boutique is one of them! I mean, just look at it?! I LOVE this place - and I wish I could live here. If the exposed brick or the light fixtures don't tickle your fancy (then you're just too fancy... bad joke, sorry), the clothes definitely will! There are so many incredible pieces for every style and at great prices. And this may sound odd, but the layout is perfect! The clothes are perfectly positioned for the optimal shopping experience - this may sound weird but it is true. I could weave through the store so smoothly, remembering every piece, each wardrober has the perfect amount of pieces on them, and every piece compliments one another. I know, sounds strange, but as someone who grows impatient somewhat quickly and hates overstocked clothing racks, this is something that I really appreciate!

And on top of all of this is the woman who runs it - Monique Addy! The Trenton native wanted a store like this in the area and made it happen - #girlbossgoals! She is so friendly, easy to talk to, and made my first experience in her store one that I cannot stop talking about. I am already so eager to go back and pick up some more pieces and chat with her again (that leather jacket is just screaming at me - in a good way!).

So, if you are ever in downtown Belleville, you need to go to Pure Honey Boutique, to shop, to chat, and just to admire!!


Psst! Monique also mentioned that she will be getting shoes in the store soon! My feet cannot wait :)