the greatest month of all!

Ah, April. I have been waiting you.

I am absolutely biased when it comes to my favourite month. April is by far the greatest month of the whole year. No, it may not be the "beautiful month" like May - you are welcome for the compliment, May - but it is beautiful in other ways. 

The month of April is like that first stretch you take in the morning - you sit up, stretch your arms as far up as you can, take a deep breath, and feel/ listen to your body waking up. That is what April is to me. The sound of bones cracking! *sarcasm, sarcasm* But I just love it! Everything is coming to life - the buds begin their process of bursting new life, the grass slowly turns from brown to green, the birds are busy preparing homes for their growing families, and people begin to wake-up from their winter hibernation. It's just so beautiful!

And the very best part of April is ... it's my birthday month!! Yes, this chick in her Sunday best (see photo below to get that reference) is turning a day older! I am sad for this part because I would prefer not to turn 27, but I am excited for the planned and unplanned changes that come with a new age!

I want to know if you are: A. an April baby,  B. an Aries, and C. a person who celebrates the entire month they are born!

little bluff with little fluffs.

I love my friends. 

I have always been somewhat of a hermit. Or someone who only likes to spend time with one friend. People can be a little overwhelming for me.

Moving to Ontario has been a huge change both geographically and socially for me. It is scary to break out of your shell and it's not always an easy task. I used to get extremely anxious doing anything with a group of people. But we have been so fortunate to meet some of the most generous, funny, and caring people ever! The old Charlotte would probably have passed on a "girl's day" because she liked to use her husband as a security blanket and would never want to do anything without him. But a girl's day is just what I needed! 

I have so much love and respect for the women. They are amazing beings with a great sense of humour and are always up for an adventure. 

And the fact that they all love dogs and (will very soon) all own dogs makes them even more amazing! :D