Roses are Red.

Valentine's is over, but that doesn't mean we need to stop with the pink and floral outfits!

I personally love the "Valentine's style" hence why I got this shirt from H&M (and it was only $20 in-store! Apparently it is $35 online.. hmm..). I normally do not gravitate toward 'bold prints' (is this even that bold?) but something just would not let me leave the store without it - it's called my "oh that's cute" rating system. 

My "oh, that's cute" rating system is when I go around a store and touch pretty much every article of clothing - texture fits into this - and I either say (literally out loud) "oh, that's cute" - or "ouu, that's cuuuute" if I really like something (the "ouu" really changes everything *she said sarcastically but not really because it does*). If I don't like something, I call it "funky", a word that I used a lot growing up to describe my Mother's clothing sense (side note: she is much better at shopping now!). 

Now you know my super lame (and pointless in sharing) way of shopping. Haha! 

In all seriousness though, this shirt is the bomb! My husband actually complimented it which is a very rare thing for him to do, so it's a keeper for sure. I love the bold floral print, the soft pink colour, and the structure/ fit of the shirt. I think this shirt will look good on every body! 

I would love to know what you think of it! And how do you shop? Do you know what you want before you go in? Do you go in blind like me and "feel" around (haha, that sounds weird..)? Are you a try-er or just a buyer?