above the clouds.

it feels like forever that i have sat down and wrote what i’m thinking. do you even remember me? haha!

so, hi! hello! my name is charlotte and i consistently start things and then take breaks from them - so, at least i am consistent with something, right? :)

for realsies though, i have been busy! being back at my regular job working at night has my brain all discombobulated - i am not a night owl. for the entirety of last week, i felt like i was hungover but i cannot tell you the last time i had alcohol - probably november, so not a crazy long time but it wasn’t last week, hah! but i had this constant headache which caused a lot of “brain fog” and loss of all motivation for everyday life. i felt like i was on autopilot - just going through the motions and not enjoying much.

this week, i am getting back to finding my thoughts and myself. i’ve made myself a priority and given my body and mind what it needs to clear up and prepare for the remainder of this crazy month (i love december though - it’s seriously the best!).

i wanted to give you a little glimpse into my “priori-me” list (just made that up… yes, it’s lame but i kind of love it):

roll out your mat. rolling out my mat is like building my own little temporary space for me, myself and i. even if i roll it out and just lay on it for 10 minutes with my eyes closed, i have accomplished what i had set to do.

get yourself to the gym. what is the hardest part about going to the gym? going to the gym, haha! it’s so easy to say that i will go to the gym and get dressed for it but getting myself there is a whole other story. i’ve learned to not overdo it, do it for me, and to just go! once i am there, the hardest part is over and i instantly feel more pumped and happy to get strong!

sudoku. yes, i am an old lady. i have a secret obsession with sudoku. i have a book of sudoku puzzles and i do at least 3 a day (#cantstopwontstop) and i also do the one in the free newsletters that you can get at tim hortons and other spots. they are a great way to get away from technology and give my mind a little workout!

read a chapter of current book. i recently finished a book by iain reid (a canadian author) called foe and it was excellent! i normally prefer non-fiction book but this book was fantastic and i never wanted to put it down - highly highly recommend it!

get outside. fresh air makes everyone happy.

play ukelele. this is a new thing that has been added to this list. if you didn’t know, i recently got a ukelele as an early christmas gift from my wonderful husband, and now i am obsessed! i am not good but learning a new instrument (i played clarinet and saxophone in middle school and high school) has been a blast!

write. this is something that i have slacked on but i think is one of the most crucial priorities for me. writing with a pen on paper is my preferred way to write but even just blogging or writing a caption on instagram sometimes does the trick. whenever my brain feels jumbled, getting my thoughts out in front of me helps to understand what the heck is going on inside my head.

listen to a podcast or blast music and dance. one of my favourites on this list! i am a huge fan of podcasts and will more than likely choose a podcast over music nowadays - unless i want to sing, then music will obviously win. my favourite podcasts to listen to are anything crime related - more specifically canadian crime. my most recent favourite podcasts are canadian true crime, thunder bay podcast , and dark poutine. give them a listen if you are into that kind of stuff!

and there you have it! that is a little taste of how i take care of me when i am feeling overwhelmed, unproductive, and just lost!

what are some things that you like to do to get the brain-juices flowing? (sorry if that sounded gross, haha!)

Cozy Grey Days.

The coziest sweaters are the ones that have sleeves longer than your arms so that you can tuck your hands inside, am I right? I love this sweater from TopShop. It's the perfect sweater for the Spring weather that is slowly making it's way to us here in Canada (well, Ontario and East. Sorry Prairie provinces!). 

I love a cute sweater because it allows the "basic" me to look a little more put together while also staying warm. I still love a good ol' "jeans and t-shirt" look, but I have been preferring a "jeans and sweater" outfit. Everything looks good with jeans my friends, even more jeans (aka. jean jackets)! Almost all of my jeans, or I should say, jeggings, are from American Eagle. I may work there but I have been wearing AE jeans/jeggings since I was 16 (10 years!!) and I swear by them! Great quality, decent price, and the stretch-to-fit has only gotten better. I live in my jeans, so comfort is key. (Sorry, got a little off topic. I just really love AE pants and want to share my thoughts with whoever will read them).


Feelin' Girly.

It's not too often that I a) wear a skirt, or b) find one that fits me properly. Well, I found my newest and greatest love (I feel like I will say that about every new piece I get..). I saw this skirt right before I checked out at the TopShop section in Hudson's Bay. Normally, I have a hard time finding pieces that are "me" and within my somewhat stubborn price range at TopShop. But I hit the jackpot this day! 

I saw the skirt, saw it was on sale, looked at the size and went for it (fun fact: I almost NEVER try on clothes before purchasing). And I was lucky enough to also find on this day a beautiful beige peacoat at H&M for only ... wait for it ... $25!! Uh, heck yes! 

This new "journey" into fashion is honestly - sort of embarrassed to say - such a thrill (I really have no life, haha!). I have begun this fascination with walking into clothing stores with no intention of buying anything, and just making outfit ideas for when I am ready to buy the item. Is that weird? I won't wait for your answer. It is weird. 

All in all, I love this skirt from TopShop, this jacket from H&M, just the whole outfit (the black one piece is from Ardene)! It makes me feel beautiful, confident, and very much a woman. I just can't get enough of it!

Sort of an out of my element type of question for you - would any of you be interested in posts on outfits under a certain dollar amount? I used to see other fashion bloggers do them and they are popular on YouTube, so I thought, if people are interested, I would do like one post like that a month?? Let me know! (I may just do it even if no one says, haha!)

you've been blocked.

Ever since I declared my love for a pink coat, I have been on the hunt for more pieces that bring me joy. H&M is filled with infinite pieces that made me feel warm and fuzzy and this colour block sweater is one of them. It's simple - like me - but it has the pop of colour that I for some reason tend to avoid/ overlook. It's cute, comfy, soft as all heck, and very warm! Perfect for shooting on a -10 degree (celcius) afternoon.

As I have mentioned before, I am not a fashion connoisseur. I am not caught up with the trends but it is really not my intent to be. I want to share my style with you all because why not?! I have only two fashion posts but they are my favourite posts to create! It is so much fun to go out, search for a piece or two and get creative with them - how do they fit into my style? what can I add to make this me? where should I shoot the photos? what shoes should I wear? hair - curly or straight? (literally the only hairstyles that I can accomplish, haha!). I have just discovered a new side of myself, and I kind of like her!

Don't get me wrong, photographing people is still my favourite thing to do, like ever! I LOVE nothing more than capturing people's love and laughter in a photo.  But I am excited to be doing these posts, to get my creative juices flowing, to expand my blog and brand (I am still trying to figure out what my brand is..), and share another side of me with all of you!

And I really appreciate all of the lovely comments on my last (first) fashion post! You are all so lovely and kind! Leave a comment letting me know your favourite fashion blogger (maybe it's you!) because I want check them all out!

PS. The jeans that I am wearing are the MOST comfortable pants ever and they are from American Eagle - you need these jeans, my friend!


The one coat to rule them all.

Never in my wildest dreams (or even just regular dreams) did I think that I could love an article of clothing so much! Yes, I have found my holy grail clothing piece that is going to change the art of dressing one's self and take it to a whole new (and scary level).

Now, I know, I am being a little dramatic (ok - a lot), but hear me out first! I am a "t-shirt and jeans" girl through and through - a "basic bitch", some might say - so the fact that I spent what I spent on a coat (it's not that much but it's more than a plain white tee, so it's a lot to me!) means something!

Being the basic woman that I am, there has always been a little part of me has always wanted to be "fashionable" but felt like I could never afford to be. I never knew where to start and I have always doubted my ability to wear nice clothes. I find that many clothing designers do not have women my height (5'0-5'1) in mind, and I don't know how to sew, haha (new new year's resolution?)! But, being 26 and giving less sh*ts than I ever have, I am determined to 1. dress my age, and 2. be my own "fashion icon" (I use quotations a lot in real life, too).

It's crazy to think that something as simple and not necessary can change your whole being. Haha! I realize that I sound ridiculous, talking about a coat like it's a new best friend cheering you on, but I just love the coat. I slipped that baby on and felt like Gollum (or Smeagol) when he discovers the ring (anyone else a LOTR fan?)! It makes me feel beautiful, happy and ready to take on the world - #myprecious!

They say to dress for the job that you want (I work at American Eagle and very much like it! It is also where my underneath outfit is from, haha!). I want to be confident with my photography, with the people that I meet, and with myself! There is nothing wrong with being a "t-shirt and jeans" girl - I will always be one - but I am ready to take risks and channel my #girlboss!

Do you have an article of clothing that makes you feel this way? Let me know what makes you feel confident!

If you are not sick of this coat yet and are curious as to where it is from, it is from Le Chateau!