it all started...

I have always had a love for photos and taking them. Growing up, my Dad always has either the video camera out or the digital camera. Eventually, he saw that I was ready for my own digital camera and gifted me many over the years. My friends and I were obsessed with taking photos and would pretend we were cool (because who is actually cool, besides Beyonce, am I right?). Digital cameras were the shiz!

When Mark and I got married, I really wanted to capture all of our memories but I wanted them to be a little better quality than that of the basic digital camera. It was time to upgrade to the big guns: the Canon Rebel t3i. Woah. 

That is where my photography journey began. It was all for documenting Mark's and my life together. He is the reason I got into photography . He is the one who nudged me to try and make it a career. He is the reason for all of the opportunities that I have been given because of this path I walking along. He is amazing. And I love him more than my tiny 5 foot tall body can even contain. He is my biggest support and nothing makes me more happy than when he tells me (almost) every day that he is proud of me - and that is coming from someone in the Forces! 

Enjoy some of the random moments I caught of my extremely handsome husband. I have tons more but I do not want to embarrass him (too much)! :)