bloomfield beauty co.

I have never been one to go to a spa. It is something that comes to my mind every once in a while, but I never go - that is, until I heard about Bloomfield Beauty Co.

This perfect little spot is in my favourite little town, Bloomfield, in Prince Edward County. They only just opened this January and have been killing it, to say the least! Once I discovered their Instagram, I HAD to go - and my birthday was the perfect excuse to try them out! 

The photos that I have seen are beautiful, but this is really a place that exceeds the already high expectations you will have once you walk through the doors. It's crisp, it's clean, it's organized, and the interior design choices are just checking all of the boxes. It's just so dreamy!

I started out small with just getting my nails done. I wanted to get a feel for the place and see what else they have to offer. But let me tell you, they go all out for your nails. Now, maybe it is because I don't really get mine done too often, but I have gone to a nail salon, and never have I had the amazing treatment that I had at Bloomfield Beauty Co.! My esthetician was so kind, friendly, funny, and answered every question I had - sorry for all the questions, Brittany!! 

So, if you are looking for an afternoon of pampering, relaxation, and good conversation, you need to get to Bloomfield Beauty Co.!

little bluff with little fluffs.

I love my friends. 

I have always been somewhat of a hermit. Or someone who only likes to spend time with one friend. People can be a little overwhelming for me.

Moving to Ontario has been a huge change both geographically and socially for me. It is scary to break out of your shell and it's not always an easy task. I used to get extremely anxious doing anything with a group of people. But we have been so fortunate to meet some of the most generous, funny, and caring people ever! The old Charlotte would probably have passed on a "girl's day" because she liked to use her husband as a security blanket and would never want to do anything without him. But a girl's day is just what I needed! 

I have so much love and respect for the women. They are amazing beings with a great sense of humour and are always up for an adventure. 

And the fact that they all love dogs and (will very soon) all own dogs makes them even more amazing! :D